Heat transfer printing ribbon id card fita print

Price: IR-90
Model: IR-90


High quality custom Logo Printed heat transfer Printing Satin key ribbon for medal
The product's name
Strap / ribbon
Shoelaces Type
Cord , Carabiner, Luggage Strap, Heat Transfer Cord, pp Plante Cord, Tubular Cord, ID Cord Holder
Polyester yams
The size
900 * 20 mm or custom
Screen printing / sublimation printing
According to Pantone color
Detachment / Metal Hook / Plastic Detachable Buckle / Badge Holder / Card Holder

What is the difference between sublimation printing and silk screen printing?

For sublimation printing, when you slide your finger across the ribbon, you feel that it is very flat and smooth, and usually a complex, gradient logo is acceptable. For screen printing, silkscreen looks jagged, not smooth enough and is usually used for distinguishable color and a simple logo.

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