1. About how to order: Want Online, Telephone, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be patient to answer for you.

2. Customization process: The customer provides the design draft, our company confirms that there are no problems with the document, our company arranges to proof and sends samples, and the customer confirms that there are no problems with the sample. During the production process, we took pictures or sent samples to confirm that it was correct. After acceptance, we will arrange delivery;

3. Everything is customized according to customer requirements: we produce according to customer specifications, designs, and quantities;

4. Customs and price: Due to differences in product specifications, materials, production processes, etc., online quotes are for reference only. Want Want or call us for consultation shall prevail. 

International Packing & Delivery Available 
We use DHL Express for delivery by default.
Or according to customers' requirements.
We offer all kinds of transportation.
Via Express: Generally 3-7 working days
Via Air: Generally 10-15 working days
Via Sea: Generally 20-30 working days