Employees office id rfid card printing

Model: EG-11


Digital Printing Plastic PVC  Smart Office ID Card

An ID card is a plastic card that serves to identify a person, it often carries an image holder, so you can visually pick up their faces. Additional details may also be included such as name, date of birth, membership number, position, etc.

ID is usually used at school and company to ensure security and order. One of its typical applications is to check attendance at work. Employee or student Easily swipe your ID on the scanner to open and close doors to restricted areas.


PVC (white / transparent), PET, biofeedback, paper

The size

86 * 54 * mm or custom

Magnetic strip type

Loco 300 Oe, 600 Oe / Hico 2750 Oe, 4000 Oe

Available RFID Chips

Bass, Treble / NFC, UHF



Digital Printing, CMKY Printing, Thermal Printing


Corporate ID Card, Medical ID Card, Student ID Card, Employee ID Card

pvcrfidcardprintingsolution various artifacts for personalizing cards; it distinguishes various companies and schools, organizations, which is also a good way to show your culture.

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